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Parts and Personalities- Personal Archetypes

So- Below I’m going to paste a fun little  blurb  that I wrote about myself several years ago. …  4ish years ago now. As of this very moment, I haven’t really gone back and re-read this word for word, though I know I have read it several times over the years . I know that I still look at myself this way- more or less- and I know that viewing myself this way, through these various archetypes has allowed me to have more insight as to who I am and the qualities  I’m trying to embody. They’ve also provided countless hours of fun in the way of “playing dressup” in a manner of ways and as a number of different characters.

SOOOO my plan is to take each of these characters from my past and reexamine myself through them again. Noting changes, see how I’ve grown.

I should also note that I’m curious about the inner characters of other people. who are yours? why?



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