Parts and Personalities- Personal Archetypes

So- Below I’m going to paste a fun little  blurb  that I wrote about myself several years ago. …  4ish years ago now. As of this very moment, I haven’t really gone back and re-read this word for word, though I know I have read it several times over the years . I know that I still look at myself this way- more or less- and I know that viewing myself this way, through these various archetypes has allowed me to have more insight as to who I am and the qualities  I’m trying to embody. They’ve also provided countless hours of fun in the way of “playing dressup” in a manner of ways and as a number of different characters.

SOOOO my plan is to take each of these characters from my past and reexamine myself through them again. Noting changes, see how I’ve grown.

I should also note that I’m curious about the inner characters of other people. who are yours? why?

Here’s the original post from April 2009

some of you know my philosophy on this already. so far, here’s how i’ve summed it up. it, they, and me = all works in progress.

at any given moment my person is the sum of at least six different personalities working, fighting, and playing together in my head. every now and again, for a brief moment, they come together with such amazing synergy and grace that i find myself stunned. more often than not, though, my demeanor is evidence of a quirky and very laughable internal power struggle.

these people can be summarized as the following:

the nurturer. the part of me that is well balanced, grounded, graceful, and all things motherly – in that holistic, earthy kind of way. this is the part of me that wants to live on a chunk of land and grow/trade everything i need while raising as many beautiful children as i can. she can be too patient, too forgiving, idealistic, and a little aloof when it comes to many different issues. i picture this facet with long, naturally tousled, sun-streaked hair, covered in henna, wearing an organic cotton sundress barefoot in a garden filled with wind chimes and ceramic gnomes.

the entrepreneur. gutsy, innovative, organized, intelligent. crisp white blouse, pencil skirt, red lipstick, neat french twist. she’s also a little cold, harsh, narrow minded, and judgmental. if the decision were left to her, i’d be living in a condo in a big city somewhere trying to make my latest ideas into some kind of profitable enterprise.

the domestic goddess. aka. 50’s atomic era housewife. master of the kitchen, especially when concerning certain baked goods. keeps the house and kiddo clean and orderly. constantly busy with extracurricular activities, knitting, sewing, grocery shopping, and taking good care of some nameless faceless lucky breadwinner. i think the worst thing about her is her codependent nature and her tendency to be very demanding.

the artist. a hopeless romantic to a fault. she’s the reason i spend time doing nothing but laying around drinking red wine, listening to music, and sighing. characterized by a quirky, gypsy-esque sense of style and often pictured in a loft apartment above a quaint little shop wearing scarves, skirts and boots and riding around on a vintage bicycle. whimsical and creative, but often a little dramatic and zealous.

the inner child. probably around 12 or 13 years old. full of potential. bright. giggly. awkward. adventurous. and naive. her clothes never fit right. she’s clumsy and out of place in her body.

the siren. sensual, clever, witty, feminine, and self-assured. with an incredible eye for detail and a lust for finer things. often a glutton and a hedonist. usually if i am getting myself into some kind of trouble, it’s because i let this one have too much say in the decision making and she is often very impulsive. however, she’s the one responsible for some of my favorite things in life.


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